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Humble and Fanatic - Marci Borbas graphic designer & illustrator

Marci Borbas is a young talented creative mind - he started his career in illustration and moved towards graphic design, typography and experimental graphics. He received his masters degree from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in 2017. Marci created TEMPORARY's visual identity and works with us from the beginning on day-to-day jobs in creating our custom made tattoos and upcoming works. He's a great guy, always positive, superflexible - great to work with! 

When did you find out that you are going to be an illustrator?

I liked doodling as a kid, we spent long hours with my brothers to create comics from our poorly written stories. We enjoyed it a lot! With time I realised what I really like doing was graphic design. Sure I didn’t know back then how many different directions this profession offers and what I did was only illustration. For today I prefer to experiment with different styles and techniques.

Where did you study?

I started my studies in graphic design at the Institute for Visual Arts of  Esterhazy Karoly University in Eger, after that I went to Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design where I received my masters degree.

What are you known for?

Maybe for my Bebas-tam free font, launched in 2014 during the exhibition series of Stylewalker Day and Night, and also from my ‘DADA_MA’ issue of abstract illustrations, made of aluminium weights of 2 kilograms.

What do you love the most in your job?

I really like that my clients accept my points and they consider me more than ‘just’ a graphic designer but as a valuable source of ideas.

What was your favourite work, what sort of jobs do you like the most?

I loved working on both of my degree projects: the first one was a comics called Talaj/Ground. The story was written by my brother Bence Borbas and also he produced it as a limited issue. We were nominated for Alfabeta award with it last year as – a perfect ending of the project. My masters degree project ‘TIALZ’ is an alternative layer typeface - there are many development works ahead and the final concept will be launched only later. I think this one is my longer lasting project ever…haha!

What do you do apart from illustration and graphic design?

Graphic design is a very time consuming profession, but I’m trying to work out a lot as well. Apart from that there’s a booking agency called ‘Fingers Crossed’ I work for with two of my friends: apart from identity design & branding I help them with online and offline communications to spread the word. It’s quite exhausting but I like it a lot.

What would be your dream job?

Hmm… If I’d get paid to do only experimental graphic design… haha!

How do you work and what is your daily routine?

I usually have quiet mornings, replying emails, walking around, having meetings - it depends. Then I take a look at my todos for the day and make a plan for tomorrow. The creative part begins during the afternoon and sometimes I only finish by night which is alright as I like doing night shifts. Than maybe a night run, a movie, ps3 or a concert  in Dürer Kert.

What is your source of inspiration?

Mostly the surroundings I create for myself. People, scents and other very basic influences. Lately nature inspires me a lot, bunches of innovative thoughts I receive from it.

How does an idea become reality and what kind of techniques do you prefer?

It depends… There are ideas very clear from the first shot, and also there are ideas I have to doodle and sketch around to finally have the whole thing in mind. I Only start working digital when I know exactly what I want.

What kind of music do you listen to while working?

Many different things - lately math/progressive/postrock/ambient. Quite often I listen to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2-3-4 soundtracks for work which is a totally different genre again.

What would be your advice to the newcomers in illustration and animation?

Be humble, stay fanatic!

Would you name a few of your favourite illustrators?

Ádám Katyi typographer and Steve Simpson illustration artist.