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Csaba Klement, the master of GIFs - Interview

Csaba Klement is our favourite Hungarian animation artist - no question. He's a very funny and kind person and his visual creativity knows no limits. He keeps on saying he's a lazy person but our own experiences are quite different. Csabi designed our Daily Dinosaurs TEMPORARY designer tattoo collection which we love so much! So we asked him a few question to introduce him properly to you! 

When did you find out that you are going to be an animation artist?

Like everyone as a kid, I also suspiciously loved to draw. Just like I loved cartoons, so probably the mix of these affections pushed me towards animation. For instance I can clearly remember that in the live-action remake Roger of 101 Dalmatians was a video game maker and not a piano player so I wanted to be a game designer too… which has something to do with animation.

Where did you study?

I started my studies at Novus and from there I went straight to Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. I’m very thankful to both schools for the knowledge and experiences I received and relationships I made there.

What are you known for?

That I’m one of the biggest fan of Ciccolina! But if you mean work, probably for my GIFs. Also you might heard of Grrland the mini series on Comedy Central.

What do you love the most in your job?

When a character starts to move… which is a bit of a paradox as I don’t like to animate but still it makes me feel extremely good when something I draw makes a move. It happens to me quite often while working on some animations at home that I laugh about the way my characters move.

What was your favourite work, what sort of jobs do you like the most?

I love making GIFs. I’m always very happy if someone wants me to make one. I’m very glad that this field of animation has developed so much lately that you can even make adverts of animated GIFs. But one of my favourite work is actually a longer animation. It’s a short movie for Plan International about emancipation - encouraging girls to dream big and make those dreams come true. I love the kind of jobs the most which amuse and educate at the same time. For example when Giphy gave me the opportunity to come up with my own sticker collection I tried to make people understand that environmental consciousness and global warming is not a joke - and I was doing this in a cute and funny way.

What do you do apart from animation?

Animation doesn’t live me with too much free time but I'd love to illustrate or design t-shirts - it has already started - and I was also very happy to design temporary tattoos! I also have a new calendar every year and I started to make experiments with postcards too.

What would be jour dream job?

I’m that lucky person who already had many dream jobs. At the moment I’d like to create a mini series about environmental protection or about any kind of important topics.

How do you work and how does one of your days look like?

It depends… But the most important for me is peacefulness. I can’t work under stress. I can’t do night shifts and I don’t even want to.

Who inspires you?

Mosty my own approach to work, probably because I’m very lazy, haha, but when I see a book full of beautiful illustrations I keep thinking what a huge work this might have been and I have to do something immediately too… then I do nothing :D

How does an idea become reality and what kind of techniques do you prefer?

It’s simple: If I have an idea I start to draw and it’s done. I don’t really noodle things around, if there’s an idea coming up, I start to animate it right away.

What kind of music do you listen to while working?

Pop music. Probably something I can sing along and dance to. But not that kind of pop music you can hear in the radio, those ones make me feel sick.

What would be your advice to the newcomers in illustration and animation?

Let’s go and keep on going! Hold on and be brave! If you are a creative artist you definitely have to showcase what you’re doing, as no one will knock on your door trying to find out what you’re up to and offer you some kind of great job.

Here you can find the Dino collection designed by Csaba for TEMPORARY!